We’re plant-passionate animal-lovers.


Plant Hide has a carrot on a stick driving it forward. We want to create a future where vegan leather replaces traditional leather.

Traditional leather comes with an assortment of ethical and environmental challenges, and we believe it’s our responsibility to do more. 

So, we brainstormed about how we could make the most significant impact. This is what we decided:

Change has to start somewhere. Let it start with our fashion.

To us, this means that regardless of your diet, your lifestyle, or your past, positive change needs to start somewhere. And, to support our vision of a more sustainable future, we give to globally impactful organizations with each purchase.

Now, for every order we fulfill, we give a portion of our sales to conservation efforts. While we believe in a brighter future, we also understand that a better tomorrow must begin with improvements today.

Make an impact with us today.

Our Story.

As a little girl growing up in northern Thailand, I was passionate about fashion. I would save every baht I earned to buy used accessories at the local market near my home, usually reselling what I bought so I could afford something else.

I noticed that so much of the local fashion depended on cruelty–particularly, cow and crocodile farming. 

The problem I saw was that the local fashion depends on these unsustainable traditional leathers. And, after learning about the ethical and worldwide environmental damage of this industry, I knew I wanted to be a part of the solution.



Our Values.

It’s one thing to work towards accomplishing a strong mission and purpose, but it’s totally different to lead a team and community towards a more sustainable future.

We created our core values to keep us on track to achieve our goals.

These are the “A, B, C’s” we’ve come up with.  We hope they mean as much to you as they do to us.


Change isn’t born passively; it requires a community to assert that the change is necessary.

To go with the flow means to continue in the same direction, and to repeat the same action expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

As a community, we must assert that the change towards plant-based leather alternatives is crucial as we seek a less cruel and more sustainable future together.


The world should be accustomed to change by now. But many people adhere to the traditional way of doing things, outcasting tho people who seek change and innovation.

As a community, we want to foster a sense of belonging to strengthen our efforts towards a better, more sustainable future.


We must live with the awareness and consciousness that our choices aren’t for everyone. But we must also understand that every move we make towards a less cruel and more sustainable future is a stride in the right direction.

Stay mindful of these decisions and grateful for the opportunities to face these challenges.

Remain humble in the wins and losses of this movement.

Hold what’s right in your heart instead of worrying about who’s right, and don’t lose sight of what’s important for our dreams to become reality.

Compassionate people designing and sourcing high-quality, cruelty-free products for like-minded people.

What we’re passionate about


Sustainable practices are the core of our values, with plant-based materials leading the way to a brighter tomorrow.


Animals hold a special place in our hearts, so we’re always looking for innovative ways to offer alternatives to animal-based products.


People breathe life into our brand, which is why we focus on ethically sourcing our products and paying fair wages to local artisans.


With each stroke of Mother Nature’s paint brush, she creates a masterpiece we’re honored to preserve.


Global warming is an unfortunate reality, so we do our part by avoiding plastic and using recycled materials whenever possible.

Conscious Consumerism

Understanding what we’re buying can preserve this world’s beauty for future generations to enjoy.

“Change has to start somewhere. Let it start with our fashion.”

– Pupae P.

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