You may be wondering, “what was the world’s most eco-friendly country in 2018?” That’s exactly what we aim to answer in this article.

But first – how does a country become eco-friendly?

What was the World's Most Eco-friendly Country in 2018?

How to Become an Eco-friendly Country

The first step to becoming an eco-friendly country is to identify the problems plaguing your nation.

For example, countries with rampant deforestation need to reforest areas or transition to alternative energy sources. Countries with polluted beaches would do well to enact legislation limiting pollution in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Some might even choose to invest in waste management systems.

Regardless of what environmental problems are being faced by a country, it is important that they be tackled head-on and dealt with accordingly.

The next step – incentivize the people of your nation to not only participate in these actions but also to feel pride in their contributions toward a better planet.

For example, make recycling mandatory. Provide tax breaks or subsidies for those who drive electric vehicles or homes that use alternative energy sources.

Of course, no matter how many eco-friendly initiatives are implemented in a country, all of this would be for nothing if the people weren’t on board with it. So, rolling out these programs slowly and showcasing their effects can help pave the way for more to follow suit.

Eco-friendly Country Ask & Tell

Which top 3 countries are the most eco-friendly in the world in 2018?

The top 3 countries on the EPI Ranking Environmental Performance Index for 2018 include Switzerland, France, and Denmark.

Denmark was number three with an 81.60 EPI ranking. This country is known for its “green” initiatives and efforts made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Denmark has been named the most sustainable country in the world by UN experts.

In Switzerland, around five percent of its electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. In fact, some of this country’s energy comes from hydropower! In addition, citizens have great respect for the environment.

France has also made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide renewable energy sources, such as wind power. The country also has a high score on environmental protection!

France is also one of the top members of the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) that bans the sale of any product that emits more than 120 grams of carbon dioxide.

Switzerland, France, and Denmark are three countries with a strong focus on environmental initiatives and adhering to green practices.

What is the most eco-friendly country in the world?

Finland is currently the most eco-friendly country in the world. The fact of the matter is that Nordic countries tend to be the most eco-friendly. This list includes Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland.

But what about Japan?

Japan has also overcome pollution problems. This country had many issues with pollution during the 1950s and 1960s. And we cannot forget about the oil shock of the 1970s. Eventually, it became the eco-friendly country we all know and love today.

Germany is also quite eco-friendly. As one of the most sustainable industrial countries on the planet, many companies in this country commit to social responsibility.

Besides this, Germany also works on its energy conservation. Due to its efforts, this country is currently the 10th greenest country, boasting an EPI score of 77.2.

Which European country is the most environmentally friendly?

While the list of eco-friendly European countries is. long, Sweden is the most eco-friendly country in the EU. The country has impressive scores in the six categories with an average of 27.17 out of 28. And let’s not forget, it has the most renewable green energy in the EU.

Concluding on Eco-friendly Countries

There is no doubt that the most eco-friendly country in the world has a lot to offer. This can be seen by examining various factors, such as energy consumption and renewables, pollution and recycling efforts, and more!

The most environmentally friendly countries in Europe provide endless opportunities with their labor force and beautiful landscapes. With all of this combined, it’s no wonder why this region has some of the top eco-friendly countries in the world.

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