The safety and security of our valuable gear is paramount, especially when we are constantly on the move. Whether it’s for outdoor activities, professional photography or music production, our equipment needs reliable protection that can withstand even the toughest environments.

The 1170 Protector Case from Pelican is the perfect solution for those looking for a durable and reliable way to keep their gear safe and secure. With its watertight, crushproof, and dustproof design, the 1170 Protector Case is built to handle anything that comes its way. Whether you’re navigating through rain, dust storms or rough terrain, your valuable equipment will remain protected and organized.

This versatile case also features pick n pluck foam, easy open double-throw latches, and an automatic pressure equalization valve, ensuring that your gear is not only protected but also easily accessible. In this article, we will explore the features and design of the 1170 Protector Case, its dimensions and weight, and its accessories and similar products, all to help you make an informed decision about protecting your gear.

Protect Your Gear With The 1170 Protector Case!

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Features and Design

The 1170 Protector Case is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions, boasting a range of features that make it a standout option for protecting valuable gear during transport. Its watertight, crushproof, and dustproof design ensures that your equipment remains safe and secure at all times.

The easy open double-throw latches and automatic pressure equalization valve make it easy to access your gear quickly and efficiently. One of the key advantages of the 1170 Protector Case is the range of customization options available. With Pick N Pluck foam and convoluted lid foam, you can create a secure and tailored fit for your equipment, ensuring that it stays in place during transport.

Additionally, the case is made from high-quality materials, including stainless steel hardware and an over-molded rubber handle, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use. The durability of the 1170 Protector Case has been extensively tested, with the case undergoing rigorous testing to ensure that it can stand up to even the most extreme conditions.

Overall, the 1170 Protector Case is a top-of-the-line option for anyone in need of a reliable, durable, and customizable case for transporting valuable gear.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions and weight are critical details to consider when purchasing a protective case, and the 1170 Protector Case boasts a compact and lightweight design with precise interior and exterior measurements.

The interior dimensions of the case are 10.54 x 6.04 x 3.16 inches, while the exterior measures 11.64 x 8.34 x 3.78 inches. With a weight of only 2.10lbs when filled with foam, this case is easy to transport and suitable for a variety of applications.

One of the benefits of the 1170 Protector Case is that it comes with foam inserts, which can be customized to fit the shape and size of the equipment being stored.

However, it is important to note that foam inserts have their limitations. While they provide excellent shock absorption, they may not provide adequate protection against water and dust. Additionally, foam inserts can be cumbersome to work with, as they require cutting to fit the equipment precisely.

When compared to other cases based on weight and size, the 1170 Protector Case is a great option for those looking for a compact and lightweight case that offers reliable protection.

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Accessories and Similar Products

Accessories and similar products are important considerations when purchasing a protective case, and the 1170 Protector Case offers a range of options to enhance its functionality.

For those seeking design customization, the Design Your Own Foam and 3 pc. Replacement Foam Set allow for tailored protection of specific equipment. The Replacement O-ring and Desiccant Silica Gel ensure that the case remains watertight and free from moisture damage. The Quick Mounts and Corrosion Intercept Kit provide additional secure mounting and protection against corrosion respectively. For those concerned about security, the TSA Lock is an essential accessory for air travel.

In terms of similar products, the HardBack Laptop Case and Protector Laptop Case offer similar levels of protection, but with a focus on specific types of equipment. The Protector Carry-On Case and Air Carry-On Case provide portability and ease of transport, while the Elite Cooler and Air Case offer more specialized protection for temperature-sensitive items.

When it comes to durability comparisons, the 1170 Protector Case stands out with its watertight, crushproof, and dustproof features, as well as its lifetime guarantee of excellence. Overall, the 1170 Protector Case and its range of accessories and similar products offer a comprehensive solution for protecting valuable equipment in any environment.