Pelican cases have become a symbol of durability and reliability when it comes to protecting valuable equipment from the rigors of transportation and weather conditions. With a range of series that cater to different needs, it’s no wonder that Pelican cases are the top choice for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

But what exactly are Pelican cases, and what are they made of that makes them so tough and practically indestructible?

Pelican cases are designed to provide ultimate protection for sensitive equipment by using high-quality materials and innovative features. Whether you’re a photographer, a military personnel, or an adventurer, Pelican cases can offer you a range of benefits that ensure your gear stays safe and secure.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into what exactly Pelican cases are, their various series, the materials used to make them, and why they’re so popular among professionals and hobbyists alike.

What Is A Pelican Case & What Are They Made Of

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Pelican Series Materials & Benefits

Pelican cases are renowned for their durability and ability to protect valuable gear from harsh conditions. The company offers five different case series, each with its own unique materials and benefits.

The Protector, Storm, Air, Vault, and Elite Coolers/Cargo Cases series are all constructed with high-quality materials and designed to meet the needs of different users.

Understanding the materials and benefits of each series can help users choose the right Pelican case for their specific needs.

The Protector Case Series

With a honeycomb open-cell structure and temperature control, the Protector case series from Pelican offers increased strength and rigidity for protecting valuable gear.

The series features a range of custom foam options for securing equipment of different shapes and sizes, while the waterproof seal ensures protection against moisture and dust.

The series also boasts exceptional impact resistance, capable of withstanding even the toughest conditions.

Additionally, the locking mechanisms on the Protector cases offer maximum security, with options for both single and double throw latches.

For those seeking to protect sensitive equipment while on the move, the Protector series offers a variety of size options to fit different needs.

From small cases suitable for cameras and other electronics to large transport cases for bigger equipment, the series has a range of sizes to choose from.

The series also features a variety of color options for easy identification, making it even easier to find the right case for a particular application.

Overall, the Protector case series from Pelican offers a reliable and durable solution for protecting valuable gear, with a range of customizable options to suit different needs.

The Storm Case Series

The Storm case series offers a solid wall design and Press and Pull latches, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a durable and secure way to transport their valuable equipment. The solid wall design provides increased protection against impacts, while the Press and Pull latches ensure a secure closure that is easy to open. Additionally, the Storm case series features an o-ring seal that makes it water-resistant, ensuring that your equipment stays dry even in harsh weather conditions.

Pelican offers customization options for the Storm case series, which allows customers to tailor their cases to their specific needs. Customers can choose from a variety of foam inserts, dividers, and panel frames to create a custom configuration that provides the ultimate protection for their equipment.

Furthermore, the Storm case series undergoes rigorous durability testing to ensure it can withstand the toughest environments. Customer reviews have consistently praised the Storm case series for its durability, with many comparing it favorably to other hard cases on the market.

The Air Case Series

Featuring a next-generation resin and a lightweight design, the Air case series provides increased portability and durability for those transporting valuable equipment.

The Air series is up to 40% lighter than other hard cases and features Pelican’s next-generation resin, HPX2.

This new resin is stronger and lighter than previous versions, making the Air series the perfect choice for those who need to transport their gear frequently.

The honeycomb open-cell structure in the Air series provides increased strength, rigidity, and temperature control, ensuring that your equipment stays safe from damage in any environment.

Pelican’s Air series offers transportability without sacrificing protection.

The Air cases come with a variety of features suitable for different needs, such as water-resistant protection, transportability, and lightweight design.

The cases are watertight and provide protection from the elements, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

The Air series is also designed with a pressure release valve, which equalizes pressure inside the case during air travel.

Overall, the Air series is an excellent choice for those who need a lightweight, durable, and watertight case that can protect their valuable gear in any environment.

The Vault Case Series

Constructed with crushproof, high-impact polymers and stainless steel hasps, the Vault case series provides enhanced protection for valuable gear during transport and storage. The HDPE construction of these cases is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring that your equipment remains safe and secure. The stainless steel hasps offer additional security, keeping your gear locked in place and inaccessible to anyone who should not have access to it.

In addition to their rugged durability, the Vault case series offers a range of storage options to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a small, compact case for personal use or a large case for professional equipment, the Vault series has you covered. With their crushproof design, these cases can withstand harsh conditions, making them an ideal choice for anyone who needs to transport valuable gear.

The Vault series provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment is protected, no matter where you go.

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Elite Coolers and Cargo Cases

Manufactured with a specialized roto-molded process and enhanced with UV stabilizers, the Elite Coolers and Cargo Cases are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. These cases offer up to 10 days of ice retention, making them a reliable choice for extended trips.

The roto-molded process ensures that the case can withstand rough handling and has a high level of impact resistance. The UV stabilizers prevent discoloration and damage from prolonged sun exposure, making the Elite Coolers and Cargo Cases suitable for outdoor activities.

In addition to their insulation features, Pelican offers a variety of customization options for the Elite Coolers and Cargo Cases. They come in a wide range of colors, including white, tan, and gray, and can be customized with logos or designs.

The Elite Coolers also offer convenient features such as built-in cup holders and bottle openers. With their rugged construction, insulation capabilities, and customization options, the Elite Coolers and Cargo Cases are a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts who demand durability and performance.

Materials Used to Make Pelican Cases

One of the defining characteristics of Pelican cases is their tough and durable construction, which is achieved through the use of high-quality materials. Pelican Case Materials are different for each series, but the most common ones include high-impact polymers, stainless steel, and next-generation resin. These materials are carefully selected to ensure that the cases are resistant to harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

The production process used to manufacture Pelican cases is also a crucial factor in their durability. Each case is injection-molded, which creates a seamless and virtually indestructible design. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored to ensure that each case meets Pelican’s high standards of quality.

These durability features make Pelican cases ideal for a wide range of applications and uses, including military and law enforcement, photography, outdoor activities, and travel.

Pelican Case FAQs

Pelican cases are renowned for their toughness and protective qualities, making them the go-to choice for many when it comes to safeguarding valuable equipment. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as transport, storage, and protection, and are popular among outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, military personnel, and professionals in various fields.

The US military is known to use Pelican cases for their durability and reliability, and they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, water, and impact. While they are not bulletproof, they are built to survive harsh conditions and are a reliable option for anyone who needs to protect their gear.

What is a pelican case used for?

Pelican cases are commonly used to protect valuable gear, such as cameras, electronics, and firearms, from damage caused by hard impacts and harsh weather conditions. These cases are known for their durability and ability to withstand rough handling, making them a popular choice for professionals in various industries.

Pelican cases come in different series and sizes, offering a range of features and customization options to fit different needs. For instance, some series have honeycomb open-cell structures for increased strength and temperature control, while others have solid walls and press-and-pull latches for added security.

Compared to other protective cases, Pelican cases are often preferred due to their ruggedness and resistance to damage. They are constructed with high-impact polymers and reinforced with stainless steel hasps, making them crushproof and virtually indestructible. Pelican cases are also water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, making them suitable for use in various environments.

Industries that commonly use Pelican cases include military and law enforcement, photography and videography, outdoor adventure, and transportation and logistics, among others. Overall, Pelican cases offer a reliable and robust solution for protecting valuable gear and equipment.

Does the US military use Pelican cases?

The use of protective cases in the US military is common, and Pelican cases are among the preferred options for transporting and safeguarding sensitive equipment and gear. In fact, Pelican cases have been used by the US military for over 30 years and have undergone rigorous durability testing to ensure they can withstand various harsh conditions. Pelican cases have also been used by other international military forces and emergency response teams.

One reason Pelican cases are popular among the military is their customization options. Pelican offers a variety of case sizes and features, such as foam padding, dividers, and wheels, that can be tailored to meet specific needs. Additionally, Pelican cases offer more durability than some of their alternatives, making them ideal for military use where equipment must be protected from damage during transport.

Overall, Pelican cases have proven to be reliable and effective in protecting valuable gear in military and other high-stress environments.

How do Pelican cases work?

Pelican cases have been trusted by the US military and other professionals for their durability and ability to protect valuable gear from hard knocks and extreme weather conditions. Although their sturdy construction and robust design are well-known, many people wonder how Pelican cases actually work to provide such reliable protection.

Pelican cases work by creating a protective environment for the contents inside. They are designed with features such as temperature control, shock resistance, and a watertight seal to keep gear safe from external elements. Additionally, Pelican cases often come with custom foam inserts that can be tailored to fit specific items, providing an extra layer of protection against impact and vibration.

These cases are also highly customizable, with options for color, size, and additional features such as wheels or handles to make transportation easier. Overall, Pelican cases work by combining a range of protective features and customization options to create a reliable and durable storage solution for a variety of needs.

Can a pelican case survive a fire?

It is uncertain whether a Pelican case would survive a fire, as the materials used in its construction may have varying degrees of resistance to high temperatures and flames.

While Pelican cases are known for their durability and strength against hard knocks and various weather conditions, the question of their ability to survive a fire remains to be answered.

Pelican claims that their cases are designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions, but the company does not make any specific claims about their resistance to fire.

To test the fire resistance of Pelican cases, there are several testing methods that can be employed. One method involves exposing the case to an open flame for a specific period of time, while another method involves subjecting the case to a controlled fire in a laboratory setting.

While there are no real-life examples of Pelican cases surviving a fire, it is possible that they could withstand a certain level of heat and flame. However, it is important to note that no case is completely fireproof, and it is always best to prioritize safety and take precautionary measures when dealing with potential fire hazards.

Are Pelican cases bullet proof?

Bullet resistance is a common concern for those in need of protective gear, and understanding the level of protection offered by Pelican cases is important. While Pelican cases are known for their durability and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and hard knocks, they are not considered bulletproof.

Pelican cases are designed to provide excellent protection against impact, water, dust, and other environmental hazards, but they are not designed to withstand direct ballistic impact. Pelican has not marketed their cases as bulletproof, and they do not claim to provide ballistic resistance.

However, Pelican cases have been used for military applications, and shooting range testing has been conducted to assess their level of protection against firearms. In comparison to armor materials used in bulletproof vests, Pelican cases are not as effective in providing ballistic resistance.

Nevertheless, Pelican cases remain a popular choice for transporting firearms, ammunition, and other equipment due to their excellent protection against environmental hazards.

Can Pelican cases go underwater?

While Pelican cases are known for their toughness and durability, the question remains if they can withstand being submerged underwater.

Pelican cases are designed to be water-resistant, but this does not necessarily mean they can be submerged. To ensure their products can withstand underwater conditions, Pelican uses advanced waterproofing technology and rigorous testing standards to guarantee their cases’ underwater durability.

Pelican cases undergo various tests, including pressure resistance and impact resistance, to ensure their products can endure harsh outdoor conditions. Their waterproofing technology includes rubber gaskets and automatic pressure equalization valves that allow the case to adjust to changes in pressure.

These features make Pelican cases ideal for protecting valuable gear during water-based activities such as fishing, boating, or even scuba diving. While they may not be completely submersible, Pelican cases’ waterproofing technology and testing standards guarantee their products’ durability and protection against water damage.

Closing on Pelican Cases

Pelican cases are known for their durability and ability to protect valuable gear from hard knocks and various weather conditions. Pelican offers a variety of closure systems to ensure maximum protection, including double-throw latches and stainless steel padlock protectors. These options provide a secure closure system that symbolizes the company’s commitment to protecting valuable equipment in various environments.

Customization options are available for Pelican cases, allowing consumers to tailor their cases to their specific needs. Top selling models include the Protector and Storm series, which offer a solid wall design and Press and Pull latches. Pelican case accessories are also available, including foam inserts and dividers to keep equipment organized and protected.

Choosing the right Pelican case size is essential for optimal protection and ease of transport. Pelican alternatives may also be considered, but Pelican’s reputation for being tough and practically indestructible makes them a top choice for those in need of high-quality protective cases.