Jordan, a country located in the Middle East, has been making strides in recent years to improve animal welfare and reduce the use of animal products. However, the question remains: is Jordan cruelty-free?

This article aims to explore the current state of animal testing and the use of animal products in Jordan, as well as the presence of cruelty-free brands and animal welfare activism within the country.

Animal testing and the use of animal products have been prevalent in Jordan in the past, with many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies using animals for testing purposes. However, there has been a growing awareness of the ethical implications of using animals for such purposes and the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

As such, there has been a shift towards more sustainable and ethical practices in recent years, with some companies adopting cruelty-free policies. This article will delve into the extent of this shift and examine whether Jordan can be considered a cruelty-free country.

Animal Testing and Use of Animal Products in Jordan

The use of animal products and animal testing in Jordan’s cosmetics industry remains a prevalent concern, with limited regulatory measures in place to enforce cruelty-free practices. Animal rights laws in Jordan do exist, but they are not adequately enforced, leading to a lack of accountability and transparency in the industry.

While some companies claim to use ethical farming practices, there is no way to verify these claims, and many still use animal-derived ingredients in their products. The absence of strict regulations and oversight puts animals at risk of cruel and inhumane treatment, and consumers at risk of unknowingly supporting such practices.

It is crucial for Jordan to strengthen its animal rights laws and ensure that companies prioritize cruelty-free practices and transparency in their production processes.

Cruelty-Free Brands in Jordan

Several cosmetic brands in Jordan have been certified by international organizations for their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in animal testing. These brands have taken a stance against animal testing and have opted for cruelty-free testing methods.

They have also introduced sustainable packaging options and vegan products, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly and ethical alternatives. Some of the cruelty-free brands available in Jordan include Lush, The Body Shop, and Herbal Essentials.

These brands not only provide consumers with ethical and sustainable options, but also contribute to the global movement towards cruelty-free products. By supporting these brands, consumers can make a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare.

Animal Welfare and Activism in Jordan

Promoting animal welfare and advocating for ethical treatment of animals have become prominent topics not only in the cosmetic industry but also in the wider society of Jordan.

Over the years, the country has made significant progress in terms of animal welfare legislation, including the establishment of the Jordanian Animal Welfare Society in 1987.

Additionally, the Ministry of Agriculture in Jordan has implemented policies and regulations to protect animals from cruelty, including the banning of animal fights and the use of animals in circuses.

There are also animal sanctuaries in Jordan that provide a safe haven for rescued animals, such as the Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife and the New Hope Center for Animal Rescue.

Despite the efforts made, there is still much work to be done in terms of educating the public and enforcing animal welfare laws.

However, the growing animal rights movement in Jordan is a promising sign of a more compassionate future for animals in the country.


In conclusion, the issue of cruelty-free products and animal welfare in Jordan is a complex one, with various factors at play.

While there are no specific laws in place banning animal testing or the use of animal products in cosmetics, there are some companies that have made a commitment to being cruelty-free.

Additionally, there are animal welfare organizations and activists working to raise awareness and push for change in the industry.

It is important for consumers to be informed about the products they are buying and the impact that they have on animals.

By supporting cruelty-free brands and advocating for animal welfare, individuals can contribute to creating a more ethical and compassionate world.

While progress may be slow, every step towards ending animal testing and promoting cruelty-free products is a step in the right direction.

As such, it is our responsibility to make informed choices and take action towards creating a better future for animals in Jordan and around the world.