Wondering how to clean vegan leather? You’ve come to the right place!

how to clean vegan leather

According to Yahoo Finance, the global vegan leather market size was worth approximately $37.9 billion in 2020, and by 2021, it was expected to grow to $41.54 billion. As vegan leather becomes more popular, we expect the need to know how to clean it to expand.

Cleaning vegan leather is important to prolong the lifespan of your products and keep them looking their best. But it’s not always easy to know how to clean vegan leather without damaging it.

Keep reading to learn more about how to clean vegan leather and protect it from wear and tear.

Cleaning Animal Leather vs Artificial Leather

HGTV recommends cleaning leather with a cleaning solution that is half vinegar and half water. A soft microfiber cloth is perfect for applying the solution, working it into the leather in a circular pattern to loosen dirt from the natural fibers.

Vegan or artificial leather, on the other hand, can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. This is gentle on the material and will not damage it. You can also use a soft microfiber cloth to apply the solution and wipe away any dirt or debris.

What Can You Use to Clean Vegan Leather?

When it comes to cleaning products, you’ll want to avoid anything that is harsh or abrasive. This includes harsh chemicals, alcohol-based cleaners, and saddle soap. These can all damage vegan leather, causing it to crack and peel.

To protect your vegan leather goods, we recommend using a fabric protector spray. This will create a barrier between the leather and any dirt or debris. We also recommend storing your vegan leather products in a cool, dry place when they’re not in use.

Caring for your vegan leather goods is important to prolong their lifespan. With proper care, you can enjoy your vegan leather products for years to come.

How Do You Get Sharpie Off Fake Leather?

Removing sharpie off of fake leather involves using a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Initially, blot the stain with the alcohol then rub it in a circular motion until the sharpie comes off. Then, use soap and water to remove any residue from the isopropyl alcohol. Finally, dry the area with a clean cloth.

Once you’ve removed the sharpie, it’s important to wipe the area clean and dry it thoroughly. Any residue from the isopropyl alcohol can damage the vegan leather if it’s left to sit.

How Do You Fix Scuffed Vegan Leather?

Fixing scuffed vegan leather is possible, but it requires a little bit of work. You’ll need to start by dabbing a small amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the scuffs. Then, use a clean dry cloth to buff out the scuffs.

If your vegan leather product originally had a shine, then give it a quick yet light spray with glass cleaner before buffing it again with a dry cloth. With a bit of elbow grease, your scuffed vegan leather should look as good as new in no time!

How Do You Moisturize Faux Leather?

Moisturizing faux leather involves using a little bit of oil and gently massaging it into the surface with a soft cloth. This will help to protect the leather from cracking and maintain its aesthetic.

After waiting 10 minutes for the oil to soak in, you can then buff out any excess oil with another soft cloth. This will help keep your faux leather looking its best.

Vegan Leather Cleaning FAQ

Is it easy to clean vegan leather?

Cleaning vegan leather can be easy if you know what products to use. We recommend using a mild soap and water solution or a fabric protector spray. You’ll want to avoid anything that is harsh or abrasive as this can damage the leather.

Can you clean vegan leather with leather cleaner?

Yes, it is easy to clean vegan leather with leather cleaner. Many vegan leather products are marketed as being easier to care for and keep clean than traditional leather, and this seems to be the case – at least from my experience.

I’ve never had any trouble cleaning any vegan leather products with a standard leather cleaner, and they always seem to come out looking great. Ultimately, it just comes down to following the instructions on the cleaner and being careful not to damage the vegan leather.