As the world becomes more conscious of the impact of our actions on the environment and living beings, the importance of ethical and cruelty-free practices in various industries, including beauty, is increasingly being recognized.

Ethical and cruelty-free beauty practices refer to the use of ingredients and methods that do not harm animals or exploit human labor. The use of such practices in beauty products has become a major concern for many consumers, who are now more aware of the negative impact of animal testing.

One brand that has gained a reputation for being cruelty-free in the beauty industry is Drunk Elephant. The brand has become a popular choice for many consumers due to its use of high-quality, non-toxic ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin.

However, the question remains: does Drunk Elephant test on animals? In this article, we will explore the brand’s animal testing policies and examine other cruelty-free skincare brands in the market.

The Importance of Ethical and Cruelty-Free Beauty Practices

The implementation of ethical and cruelty-free beauty practices is of paramount importance to uphold the moral and humane treatment of animals in the cosmetic industry.

Sustainability practices and environmental impact also play a significant role in promoting ethical beauty practices. It is essential that companies adopt a more conscious approach to minimize the negative impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

By eliminating animal testing, companies can create a more sustainable and eco-friendly beauty industry. Consumers today are more aware and educated about the impact of their choices on the environment and the welfare of animals, and as such, they demand transparency and accountability from companies.

It is the responsibility of companies to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices while keeping the consumer’s needs in mind. By doing so, they not only create a more ethical and humane industry, but they also foster a sense of belonging and trust with their customers.

Drunk Elephant’s Animal Testing Policies

Drunk Elephant is a skincare brand that has been praised for its commitment to ethical and cruelty-free beauty practices. As such, it is important to examine their animal testing policies.

In this discussion, we will explore their stance on animal testing, their use of alternative testing methods, and their certifications and partnerships related to animal welfare. By delving into these key points, we can gain a deeper understanding of Drunk Elephant’s dedication to ethical beauty practices.

Their Stance on Animal Testing

Regarding animal testing, it is important to note that there is a lot of discussion surrounding the stance of the skincare brand Drunk Elephant.

The company clearly states on their website that they are cruelty-free and do not test on animals.

However, some consumers have raised concerns about the fact that the brand is owned by Shiseido, a parent company that does test on animals.

Drunk Elephant has addressed this issue by stating that they operate independently from Shiseido and that their products are not subject to any animal testing.

The brand also emphasizes their commitment to ethical considerations and their desire to maintain a positive public perception.

While there may be some confusion surrounding the brand’s ownership and testing policies, Drunk Elephant’s stance on animal testing remains clear.

Their Use of Alternative Testing Methods

One area of interest for consumers is the skincare brand Drunk Elephant’s exploration of alternative testing methods.

In comparison to traditional testing methods, alternative testing methods seek to eliminate the use of animals in experiments.

Drunk Elephant has made it clear that they do not test their products on animals, and they are committed to finding alternative testing methods that are effective and ethical.

The effectiveness of alternative testing methods is still being researched, but Drunk Elephant has made strides in using in vitro testing, which uses cells instead of animals, and human volunteers for testing.

While there is still much to be learned about the effectiveness of these methods, Drunk Elephant’s commitment to finding alternative testing methods is a step in the right direction towards a more ethical and sustainable beauty industry.

Their Certifications and Partnerships

Certifications and partnerships are important aspects of a skincare brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Drunk Elephant has received several certifications and formed partnerships that demonstrate their dedication to ethical beauty standards.

They are certified by Leaping Bunny, which means that they do not test their products on animals and do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals. Additionally, Drunk Elephant is a member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), organizations that set industry regulations and guidelines for safe and sustainable cosmetics.

They have also partnered with The Ocean Foundation to support ocean conservation efforts. These certifications and partnerships show that Drunk Elephant is not only committed to producing high-quality skincare products, but also to doing so in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Other Cruelty-Free Skincare Brands

Several cruelty-free skincare brands, such as Biossance and Youth to the People, offer effective alternatives to Drunk Elephant products without compromising on ethics.

These brands prioritize ethical practices in all aspects of their business, including the use of sustainable packaging and vegan ingredients.

Biossance, for example, uses sugarcane-derived packaging and incorporates squalane, a plant-based ingredient, into their products.

Youth to the People also utilizes sustainable packaging and sources their ingredients from ethical suppliers.

These brands serve as a reminder that it is possible to prioritize ethics and still offer high-quality skincare products.

By choosing to support these brands, consumers can make a conscious decision to align their personal values with their purchasing behavior.


The importance of ethical and cruelty-free beauty practices cannot be overstated. The beauty industry has long been plagued with animal testing, which is not only cruel but also unnecessary.

Fortunately, as consumers become more aware of the issue, more brands are choosing to adopt cruelty-free practices. One such brand is Drunk Elephant, which has a strict policy against animal testing.

Drunk Elephant’s commitment to cruelty-free beauty is evidenced by their Leaping Bunny certification, which is the gold standard for cruelty-free products. They also do not sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law. As such, consumers can rest assured that they are not supporting animal cruelty by purchasing products from this brand.

It is important to note that Drunk Elephant is not the only cruelty-free skincare brand on the market. There are many others, and consumers should take the time to research and choose brands that align with their values.

By supporting ethical and cruelty-free beauty practices, we can make a positive impact on the world and help to ensure a more compassionate future for all beings.