Are Original Sun Chips vegan? TLDR; yes!

are original sunchips vegan

Sun Chips are wavy, ripple-shaped vegan snacks made of multigrain instead of potatoes, which makes them higher in fiber than traditional potato chips. This brand is produced by Frito-Lay, which was founded in 1991.

Although Sun Chips are delectable and have 30 percent less fat than ordinary potato chips, many people still really want to know if any flavors are vegan-friendly.

As of now, there is just only one vegan-friendly flavor of Sun Chips: The Original variety. They’re made without any animal products or by-products, and they don’t contain any dairy, eggs or honey.

In other words, Sun Chips offers six non-vegan flavors which are: French Onion, Garden Salsa, Harvest Cheddar, and Chili Lime Flavor. This lack of choices for vegans is the result of the chips’ dairy content as well as (in some cases) honey.

Keep reading for more information about Sun Chips and what makes them vegan.

Original Sun Chips: Accidentally Vegan Chips

Did you know that Sun Chips are accidentally vegan? That’s right, the Original flavor of these chips is vegan. However, this is the only vegan Sun Chip flavor currently.

What makes a food item accidentally vegan? Well, it’s simply a food that wasn’t created with vegans in mind, but just so happens to be free of animal products.

For example, Oreos are technically considered an accidentally vegan food since they don’t contain any animal products in their ingredients list.

The same can be said for the Original Sun Chips. They’re not marketed as a vegan product, but they are free of any animal-derived ingredients.

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Sun Chips FAQ

Original Sun Chips are vegan-friendly! They’re a unique combination of great taste, crunch, and hearty grains that are rolled into one remarkable chip with a light and crispy texture. It’s the most popular whole grain chip. It’s a little tangy, a little sweet, and completely unique.

Are Sun Chips healthy?

In actuality, they are not as healthy as you believe. One serving has 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 120 milligrams of salt. Snacking on Sun Chips on a daily basis is likely to cause some long-term problems.

While Sun Chips are not as bad for you as other salty snack options, they are a great choice if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly option that is tasty and crunchy. However, you should eat only one small bag at a time of this product to keep your calorie and fat intake in check.

What is the ingredients of Original Sun Chips?

The list of ingredients for Original Sun Chips includes Whole Corn, Whole Wheat, Brown Rice Flour Sunflower and/or Canola Oil, Whole Oat Flour, Sugar, Salt and Natural Flavor. Thus, it’s easy to see that these are free of any animal-derived products and therefore, are vegan-friendly!

What “whole grains” are Sun Chips made from, specifically?

Whole corn is the most important ingredient, although the proportion of brown rice flour, whole oats flour, and total wheat flour all count. Some individuals are concerned that the corn in question is GMO.

According to Dr. Bob Martin’s website, Independent laboratories have found that 100% of the corn tested by Frito-Lay in its Sun Chips product line, which claims to be a “healthier” food that may help reduce heart disease, was polluted with GM BT toxic pesticide and glyphosate (an herbicide chemical).

Are Original Sun Chips gluten-free?

Sun Chips aren’t gluten-free. All Sun Chip varieties contain gluten, and all of them are manufactured with wheat. Always look for ingredient lists on the product’s packaging to see if any new flavors have been added.

Are Original Sun Chips dairy-free?

Yes, the original flavor of Sun Chips does not include any milk product. They’re also devoid of palm oil, which is linked to rainforest destruction.

Do Sun Chips have any cholesterol?

No, Sun Chips don’t have any cholesterol. They are also low in saturated fats.

What is the sodium content in Original Sun Chips?

One serving of Original Sun Chips (about 28 grams) has 110 milligrams of sodium. This is about 5% of the recommended daily value for sodium