Teak leaf leather is a vegan leather that’s made from Teak leaves. Gathering these leaves does not hurt the trees. Instead, we sustainably find fallen leaves to use in the process.

Teak leaves are an excellent choice for vegan leather products for a few reasons. These leaves are aesthetically gorgeous, offering natural patterning. These natural leaf patterns make each piece in the Plant Hide Teak Leaf Leather Collection unique.

We take Mother Nature’s designs and seal them with a non-toxic biofilm. This biofilm ensures each piece is durable as possible while offering waterproofing capabilities. All in all, this biofilm ensures we’re delivering the highest quality product possible while still adhering to our ethics.

Teak leaves are also perfect for the hand-dyeing process we use to color our leaf leather. While the colors and markings will vary in accordance with the age of the leaves, these leaves soak beautiful bright colors with ease. This ensures we have vivid colors in all of our products.

We also like Teak leaves because they’re plentiful. Teak trees constantly drop their leaves. And this means we never have to cut trees down or commit to unsustainable practices.

At Plant Hide, we care about the environment. So if using Teak leaves wasn’t such a sustainable, eco-friendly practice, we would have to find another plant to use.

Fortunately, Teak is an excellent source of leaves for our Teak Leaf Leather Collection. With this being the case, we will continue these practices and plant a tree every time one of our products is sold.