Is Neutrogena cruelty free? Some believe “yes.” However, this isn’t necessarily the case.

If you’re someone who loves animals and doesn’t want to support a brand that adversely impacts them, you might want to steer clear of Neutrogrena.

So, is Neutrogena cruelty free? Keep reading for the insight you need into this popular brand.

About Neutrogena

Neutrogena is a well-known American drugstore brand that can be found at all drug stores. It sells their products in Walmart, Target, Ulta, CVS, and Walgreens as well as other stores.

The company is primarily focused on skincare, however, they also provide makeup and hair products. Neutrogena was established in 1930 and was purchased from Johnson & Johnson in 1994.

Is Neutrogena cruelty-free?

Neutrogena is not cruelty-free. The website says:

“NEUTROGENA (r) is concerned about the well-being of animals, which is why it doesn’t conduct animal tests during the development or research development of products.

Unfortunately, certain countries require the use of animal testing in order to allow new cosmetic products to be sold, which is the reason we continue to support alternative methods of testing for cosmetics.

Here at NEUTROGENA (r), our safety is the top priority for us and it is our belief that the products we offer are able to be rated as safe and effective, without harming animal welfare.”

As Neutrogena continues to offer items in nations where testing on animals is legally required It isn’t non-animal-friendly.

Is Neutrogena Vegan?

Some people believe that Neutrogena is a vegan brand. However, it’s not true,

Neutrogena is not a vegan product since it contains ingredients like beeswax and Lanolin within its product line. Products that do not contain animal-based ingredients can’t be considered vegan since the company is not animal-free.

Is Neutrogena available in China?

I have found evidence that Neutrogena marketing its product on mainland China through

Additionally, Neutrogena products are also available in stores of Watson.

Due to Neutrogena’s decision to sell its products through stores across mainland China, the company must also register with an amount to the Chinese government for testing their goods on animals.

But, isn’t China no longer conducting tests on Animals?

Companies are able to avoid China’s pre-market testing on animals by deciding to make their cosmetics, whether general or regular, in China however there is no indication anywhere else that Neutrogena has chosen this route.

Furthermore, it is possible that test animals post-market cannot be entirely eliminated and could be carried out on cosmetics that are sold in shops in China.

From May 1, 2021, cosmetics companies are able to export and sell their cosmetics of any kind in China without testing on animals when they satisfy a set of requirements first. But, achieving these requirements isn’t easy and there’s no way to know what is acceptable under the new rules. Therefore, there’s still no confirmation of any firm that has succeeded in achieving this.

Check out the highlighted lines of the image below to understand the reason why many cosmetics available within China (like Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson) remain legally required for testing with animals as of 2022.

What is the truth about Neutrogena’s Animal Testing Policy?

Neutrogena is trying to reduce the use of animals in their tests through words such as “rare situation” and “seeking alternatives.”

However, as they mention in their policies it is the truth that they conduct tests on animals “where governments or laws require it”. The company also offers its goods at retail stores in mainland China, which means they have likely been test-driven on animals by Chinese authorities.

To be able to sell cosmetics in mainland China companies such as Neutrogena need to pay for the products tested using animals. It is likely that their products were evaluated on animal models in China this means that they cannot be considered a cruelty-free company.

Throughout their entire policy, Neutrogena is trying to confuse customers. They use the term “fact”, implying that the fact is that they do not test their products on animals. As they only make exceptions when required by law and most likely, they had to pay for the testing of their goods on animals in China It is highly false.

They don’t even mention their suppliers.

Neutrogena FAQ

Is Neutrogena controlled by a parent firm that conducts animal tests?

Neutrogena is part of Johnson & Johnson, a company that conducts animal testing. This is not the only reason that Neutrogena is not cruelty-free, but it is the same for their mother company.

Are Neutrogena sold in countries where animal testing is legally required?

It is true that Neutrogena can be found for purchase in countries that require animal testing. This means that their products have been likely tested on animals.

Are Neutrogena recognized as cruelty-free by any organization?

It’s not true, Neutrogena is not a certified product by any organization.

Is Neutrogena vegan?

Neutrogena may have vegan items, but because the company is not cruelty-free we advise against all products offered by them, even if they’re vegan.

Closing on Neutrogena

The majority of brands don’t disclose their complete policy on animal testing. It’s always possible to directly contact the brands to ask questions to learn their complete policy.

However, keep in mind, that if a company claims it is a supplier or any third-party testing on animals, then the brand is classified in the category “not cruelty-free.”