Pelican 1690 Vs 1620

The comparison between the pelican 1690 and 1620 cases is a topic of great interest for individuals seeking secure and reliable storage options. These cases are designed to provide exceptional protection for valuable and delicate items in various professional and personal settings. This article aims to explore and compare the specifications, features, durability, storage capacity, […]

Pelican 1690 Wheels Broken: Now What?

The Pelican 1690 is a popular choice among travelers and professionals who require a reliable and durable case to protect their valuable equipment. However, even the toughest cases can encounter issues, and one common problem that users may face is broken wheels. In this article, we will explore the various options available to address this […]

Where To Buy Pelican 1690

The Pelican 1690 is a highly durable and reliable transport case designed to protect valuable equipment in various outdoor and professional settings. For individuals seeking to purchase the Pelican 1690, there are several options available. This article will explore different avenues where one can buy the Pelican 1690, including the official Pelican website, outdoor equipment […]

What’s The Best Pelican 1690 Alternative?

When it comes to protecting valuable equipment and gear during transportation or storage, a reliable and durable protective case is essential. The Pelican 1690 is a well-known and highly regarded option in the market. However, it is also quite expensive, which may not be suitable for everyone. This article aims to explore alternative options to […]

Pelican Case 1690 Exterior Dimensions

The Pelican Case 1690 is renowned for its reliable and durable construction, making it a top choice for transporting and storing valuable equipment. With exterior dimensions measuring 30.01’x 25.02’x 15.01′, this case offers ample space to accommodate a wide range of items. Its compact and manageable size ensures easy transportation and storage, making it a […]

Can You Get A Foam Replacement For Pelican 1690?

The Pelican 1690 case is a popular choice for individuals who require a durable and reliable storage solution for their valuable equipment. This case provides exceptional protection against impacts, water, dust, and other environmental factors, making it ideal for various industries and outdoor activities. One crucial component of the Pelican 1690 case is its foam […]

What Cases Are The Size Of Pelican 1700

When it comes to protecting valuable and delicate equipment, choosing the right case is of utmost importance. One popular option that offers exceptional durability and reliability is the Pelican 1700 case. However, individuals may find themselves in need of a case with similar dimensions to the Pelican 1700 for various reasons. This article aims to […]

Where To Buy Pluck Foam For Pelican 1690

The Pelican 1690 case is a popular choice for individuals and professionals looking for a durable and reliable storage solution. However, in order to fully maximize its potential, it is often necessary to customize the interior foam to securely hold and protect specific equipment or items. Pluck foam, also known as pick and pluck foam, […]