Best Eco-friendly Shampoo and Conditioner

You’ve come here looking for the best eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner. But will you find it? Of course! At Plant Hide, we’re committed to bringing you the most eco-friendly products on the planet. But first, what makes the best eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner the best? Characteristics of the Best Eco-friendly Shampoo and Conditioner The best […]

Gifts for Eco-friendly People

eco-friendly gifts for christmas and more

Have a friend who hates plastic straws and plastic bags? Someone who cares about the environment and is committed to recycling and turning off the lights when they leave a room? Or, maybe that’s you! Whether you’re looking for gifts for eco-friendly people or prefer to avoid supporting unsustainable practices, this article is for you! […]

What was the World’s Most Eco-friendly Country in 2018?

You may be wondering, “what was the world’s most eco-friendly country in 2018?” That’s exactly what we aim to answer in this article. But first – how does a country become eco-friendly? How to Become an Eco-friendly Country The first step to becoming an eco-friendly country is to identify the problems plaguing your nation. For […]